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Third Umpire Review System in Cricket

Third Umpire Review System in Cricket
This process is undergone in a particular match after the initiation of the players for the review of the decision of the on-field umpire, thus this process is named as Third Umpire Review System. The on-field umpire decides for the third umpire call if the situation is complex or for the appeal of the player. The decision of the third umpire should be made whining 30 seconds in general but he/she can take more time in a complicated situation.

The call for the Review System mainly occurs in the condition of Run Out, Hit Wicket and Stumping. The calling for the third umpire decision is given by the on-field umpire by showing a shape on the TV screen with his hand.

Third Umpire Review System in Cricket

There are several procedures which the third umpire follows during the scrutiny procedure. For checking a Hit Wicket or Stumping at first third umpire looks the way of blowing delivery whether the bowl is fairly done or not by seeing the full toss above the height of the waist or the feet.

If the delivery is not satisfied then he declared the batsman as not out through green light and instructs the on-field umpire to give no ball. If the batsman is considered as out then the red signal is given by him to declare them out and white light is illuminated continuously during the checking time these decisions are shown in the large display screen present in the field. The decisions for the third umpire is also taken during the Catch Time, Bump Ball, and Boundary Decisions and in many other circumstances occurred during the play.

How is helping live cricket reviews for players?

A player can also request for a Player Review on the decision of on-field umpire if it seems to be unsatisfactory but this review is only applicable for a particular case and not in any other circumstances.
Third Umpire Review System in Cricket
This is applicable only by the batsman to check whether he is really dismissed or not and only the captain of the fielding side can request for a Player Review on not out decision. This all terms and conditions fall under the Third Umpire System.
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