Lahore Qalandar Finds Talented Left Handed bowler

Umpiring has been an issue during the Australia Vs New Zealand ODI series in Chappell Headley Trophy 2016. The captain Smith was not at all happy with the standards of umpiring from the New Zealand umpires. The wrong out given for Marsh cost them the third and final one day international, as well as the series.
Lahore Qalandar Finds Talented Left Handed bowler

Richard Illingworth is an experienced and good umpire. the Kiwi captain said that he is known for some outstanding decisions, he this time showed some really poor decision making.

Lahore Qalandar Finds Talented Left Handed bowler

The ODI series ended that gave start to another exciting test series between New Zealand and Australia. The Kiwi players were confident from the recent Pakistani victory and Aussie victory, now the New Zealand captain in the test series was very unhappy about the umpiring in the first test match. Australia won the first test match with a bang, scoring a huge total and then knocking Kiwis out in every department of the game.

It must not be wrong to say that the umpiring also helped Australians to get to victory, especially Voges did a spectacular job to reach his century, he was really lucky in the start and middle of the innings to really keep on going because he was not given out by the umpire. This time, the captain McCullum who has retired from the ODI squad has greater annoyance and some negative comments about the umpiring in the test match.

In this video, we are presenting the moments which will amaze you, those decisions by the umpires have already haunted the New Zealand side as they have lost the test match and are one down in the series.

The fifth day of the match was not even used because the test match ended in the victory Australia on the fourth day, in the first day, some really bad umpiring destroyed the back of New Zealand bowling. Voges was given a new life for making a huge score like that.
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