Somoy TV Live: 24/7 News Channel in Bangladesh

Somoy tv live is a 24hrs online news channel in Bangladesh. It is completely based on present affairs. The tv channel started its journey on Oct 21, 2015. The Head office is located in Dhaka in Bangladesh. If you want to enjoy editorial programs and the latest news.

Somoy TV Live: 24/7 News Channel in Bangladesh

The channel is the best option for you in Bangladesh. With Android application and web version, watch live news from anywhere. Just need a smartphone with an internet connection. More than 1 million people browse the channel every day. Somoy News Live is here.

Somoy tv live news

The news season is loaded with more daily news and varied occasions. Every day, many newscasts will be broadcast at prime time in Bangladesh. In addition to the global press, somoy tv live offers a whole series of analysis programs, interviews, documentaries, as well as science and entertainment programs. In the channel, they will be able to know first hand what our journalists experience in their day to day. Through the personal and penetrating look of the correspondents of somoy tv will know what happens before and behind the cameras in every place in the world where the events that become news happen. You may also like: Gtv live.

Other programs

Somoy TV intends to acquire a positive change in Bangladesh through important, adjusted and precise news and data. Being exclusively a news-based station, Somoy TV gives the highest need for news and news substance.

For telecasting LIVE news, DSNG (Advanced satellite news assembling) and Holding Innovation are utilized for crisis and live news. For news inclusion past Dhaka, there are nine Department workplaces including all the divisional urban areas and in excess of 56 locale reporters with present-day innovations to send news and video film in a flash.

Global News source is taken straightforwardly from Reuters, APTN, and SNTV. Exceptional accentuation is given on Channel look and feel. Marking and Look is made by a global marking organization.

Somoy TV can be seen all through North America, some nations of Europe, Center East, South Africa and a few nations of Asia. It can likewise be seen through the Web with the web address The project is additional news based, concentrating on the news and data, investigation of the news.

Somoy tv live online version

Somoy tv live website has experienced strong growth in recent years, reaching more than one million daily users, a figure that continues to increase day by day. Here is the link: The channel has hundreds of thousands of subscribers in all major social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, among others, where it offers users the latest news, as well as its analysis and entertainment programs. Watch live on youtube:

Final thoughts

It is also possible to carry Somoy tv live in your pocket by installing our application for smartphones with iOS, Android operating systems. In addition, the news is available in all formats. They optimize for phones and tablets in Google Currents.

Wherever you are, they bring you the most outstanding news from anywhere on the planet. You can also enjoy news from the USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, the Middle East and beyond.