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Independent tv live is one of the most viewed Tv channels in Bangladesh. The channel launched on 18th August 2011. There are two versions to enjoy programs. One is a web version and the second is YouTube channel. The link will add the end of the article. Get 24 hours latest news, short movies, drama, sports, and editorial programs.

Living in the Digital Age has infinite advantages, and one of them is the possibility of having a whole universe of information at our fingertips. With the mobile phone, this is literal because with a click on our device we can know everything that happens in almost any part of the world.

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All news channels have their digital version. With it, we can access to know the news, but there are also services that allow us to concentrate the news of different media that interest us by topic and have them all in one place.

Politics and economic updates

People are interested in politics for three reasons. First, politics determines the welfare or misfortune of many people. There are people, it is true, that by our intellectual formation. Second, politics is the instrument to implement justice. I do not mean the justice that, when I studied Moral in the Faculty of Theology, was called commutative justice: to each his own. I mean social justice. Third, politics looks to the future more than to the past, even to the present. The past is a matter for historians. The present is a matter for the technicians. The future is the business of politicians.
Enjoy Independent TV Bangladesh

The economy is important at all times since it is present in the lives of all and even in the simplest acts such as going to buy the market or making payments for basic services. It is important because this is the basis of society, without it, people would not know how to manage their income and expenses and could not meet their needs effectively.  Every day 4 times political and economic news presented by an analyst with national news.

It is the catchiest series of Independent tv live. Here, you can enjoy all types of crimes that happened in our daily life. The program helps people to be alert from accidents and rumors. Every Friday the program telecasted at 9.30pm local time. It is an analytical series. It already crossed 160 episodes.
Apps for a smartphone.

Let's see some of the best applications of this type that are available for iOS and Android. Unfortunately, there is no specific application in google play and app store. You can watch from the JagoBd application. A committed group is interminably on its journey to make sense of the actualities concerning contemporary issues and secrets. The act of bursting into the story doesn't show the courage of the group. It's a complex method.

Final thought,

You can send your thoughts and crime accidents at taalash@independent24.tv this mail. Independent tv live channel and talash program moderators will show the event after an investigation. Watch on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCATUkaOHwO9EP_W87zCiPbA