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Atn News Live  is the digital project that addresses all types of news in all its dimensions. On June 7, 2010, the ATN channel started this effort under the direction of Dr. Mahfuzur Rahman, President of the ATN News Live channel. During 2017 they grew at an accelerated rate and quadrupled the audience to enter the top 10 media in Bangladesh. It is a sister concern of Atn.
Atn news live

Atn news live
A team of researchers, creatives, and directors work and seek to generate different teaching tools to understand, criticize and act on the stories of which we are all part. Also watch Channel 9 live here.

ATN News Live Bangladesh

ATN News Live Bangladesh is here online. The Channel grew up with a band of dedicated, enthusiastic columnists, cameraman and specialist of the Nation who have just accomplished characteristics at both local and global dimensions. ATN News proceeds with its exercises to introduce real and politically impartial news to the group of viewers in the hole and corners of Bangladesh and furthermore different parts of the World.

Atn News Live will continue to present the information with the speed and depth that characterize it. It also opens the space to other voices, both young and experienced. It provides different approaches to each event. In this way, we build bridges between generations, postures, and angles to offer a panoramic image of the news.

ATN Live news bulletin

In Atn News Live you will also find a consultation tool that catalogs and archives the news content. It is presented daily through the television channels ATN and ATN news. If you want to watch every match of Bangladesh cricket, then don't miss Gtv live.

ATN News Live Stream | এটিএন নিউজ লাইভ | ATN News Live

Atn news has the necessary infrastructure to cover the most important events throughout the world. It is also the largest news center in Bangladesh and presence in multiple digital and analog platforms. Atn news is the most tuned local news channel, with the continuous transmission 24 hours daily and 7 days a week. It is consisting of an information bar with more than 25 programs including newsreels. The discussion tables and specialized spaces on topics such as technology, culture, drama, politics, talk shows and entrepreneurship telecast from the live channel.

Atn news live app

To access the direct channels of the Atn news live, connected to the company's youtube channel. Press the subscribe button located at the top left and hit on the bell icon from the bar that appears on the side. Then select the name of the station you want to watch live streaming and enjoy the show. The service is accessible from all popular web browsers, provided they have Flash Player support enabled. Youtube channel link:

Final thought,

I want to point out that when you go to the Atn news live section. You can review the programs broadcast by all the broadcasters over the last 7 days. These include content, such as Bd TV series and movies, which are not then transferred to the on-demand content library of Atn. If you prefer to use smartphones and tablets, please note that Atn news live is also available as an app for Android, iPhone / iPad.
Published on May 14, 2020
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