BangladesherKhabor - Bangla Daily Newspaper Online

Bangladesherkhabor is a renowned daily newspaper that is operated and controlled by Bangladesh News and Entertainment LTD. The head office is located in the Basundhara residential area, Dhaka.

Besides news, they show the advertisements of different products and brands. You can enjoy the news about our country, people, economy, sports, entertainment, lifestyle and more international news.

All about the Bangladesherkhabor newspaper

Bangladesherkhabor news is available in physical and online versions. Both are similar to reading. Behind the newspaper, lots of staff, reporters and peoples pay their labour to collect and present the real news.

The newspaper presents the overall situation of our country in a few pages. Also, they cover international news and views in detail. Readers can know the current business condition, stock exchange rates, currency rate, etc., with updates.


The newspaper is popular for entertainment and recreation news. We need to be a little bit funny with serious moods. Political news makes us angry and irritated. So, entertainment news helps to balance our mentality. Also, they present science and tech fiction so we can stay updated with the upcoming technology. You can read the latest sports updates, news and facts from the real source.


The newspaper contains fewer advertisements so your reading experience will be fine. Reading newspapers is essential for increasing our knowledge level. We can change our lifestyle, decision, opinions, targets and more with perfection. We should encourage our children to read the newspaper daily.

Bangladesh Pratidin in BangladesherKhabor 

Bangladesh Pratidin began publishing newspapers officially in 2010. Name Nizam is the senior editor of the newspaper. However, the newspaper is East West Media Group’s subsidiary. Its owner is Bashundhara Group. The newspaper publishes news reports all in Bangla language and printed versions. It covers various features, research articles etc. Watch live cricket on Kingobd Sports Live.

Bangladesh Pratidin

Bangladesh Pratidin is one of the top-ranked newspapers among popular dailies. It is also one of the highest circulated daily newspapers. The newspaper publishes a wide variety of reports and features. It features current issues, national and international affairs, politics, sports, entertainment, etc.

Even it prints literature, special features weekly. During the festival, it has high coverage of media and entertainment. Moreover, it frequently publishes research-based reports based on any news reports.

Such as environmental change, the impact of politics etc. So, regular readers can find their favourite features in the newspaper. Besides, it prints the important news of education, HSC/SSC exam routine, the Ministry of Education announcement, etc. Watch GTV Live Cricket from here.

Apart from this, the newspaper has extended its facilities for readers. Now the newspaper has a website. Where they publish online versions of the daily newspaper. The features and all sections remain the same on the online edition also. The online version is even better. It stores the oldest news reports.

Besides, it allows internet users to visit their websites and read daily reports. This way, more visitors can reach the newspaper. Even the news portal is free for everyone. In contrast, the print edition has a little cost to pay before reading.

Final words

BangladesherKhabor has presented trusted and important news. You can enjoy local and international affairs with it. If you are looking for a trusted newspaper, the BangladesherKhabor is one of them. Contact your vendor to get the BangladesherKhabor daily newspaper.